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Our customised solutions is tailored to address your individual logistics needs. This may include a string of flexible and innovative solution offerings.

White Glove Services :  Ensures customer shipments are delivered to meet all expectations, regardless of customized requirements

In simple terms, it is a premium delivery service, marked with special attention to details, especially with certain items that require handling with care during transportation

In response to the demanding lifestyle, brands are now adopting the latest trends in customer service and product deliveries to satisfy the consumer and This is where White-Glove Service comes into the picture as your stand-out differentiator and the “ah ha” factor helping you build a stronger brand in the market and develop better customer relationships

Armed Couriers : Our associate partners will ensure excellence in protection and care Whether you have protective documents or high valued shipments to transport

Cold Chain Delivery : Enable customers to send their courier parcels in a temperature control environment. Our associated partner’s cold shipping package is a patented, temperature-controlled system for shipping sensitive products. It replaces the need for ice packs, freezers, and pre-freezing and has a temperature log that records the entire temperature that the shipment went through