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Safe, Reliable & Express Logistic Solutions That Saves Your Time

PREFERRED to take advantage of the emerging technologies to gain strategic competitive advantage. Investment in technology and content solution enabled us to serve our customer better.

the ability to access information and packages quickly can result in time and labor savings and improve customer satisfaction.

Employing technological solutions allows for real time tracking of information.

Use of warehouse management system software enables a business to organize, schedule and monitor critical warehouse functions, increasing efficiency in order to save time and money

Our delivery management system offers real time tracking that now is a standard , Collect payment online on the outstanding invoice for the parcel Our solution is integrated -with various payment gateways which you can choose from. This allows you to request for payment online, such as customs duty, taxes, additional services, prior to delivery

We also offer shipping portal for customers to make booking easily, pay online and manage their consignments. Features such as get quotation, manage address book, batch upload multiple consignments, eWallet, track & trace and many more. You can Book online and print shipment label and documentations. For multiple shipments you can upload a large amount of information to create a batch of labels. And to manage shipment you can have a summary view of all your shipments

Overall, the correct use of today’s courier business technology can help to reduce errors, save time and money and develop more efficient, consistent business practices. These streamlined operations often are more productive and profitable. In addition, having access to accurate real time data and information provides the opportunity to communicate clearly with customers, potentially increasing the level of service, support and customer satisfaction

PREFERRED provides a platform for most e-commerce companies offering service from storage to delivery and sophisticated API integration. New commercial opportunities arise as logistics APIs gain traction in supply chain organizations.

Managing a seamless flow of data, financials, and physical goods is critical to the whole experience, and APIs are the glue that ensures the seamless transfer of customer purchase data and intent to the logistics provider for smooth delivery. When the right logistics services are embedded in web properties, this grows volume for supply chain operations and increases basket value for online sellers

Clear Visibility of Shipments: Customers can use their document with unique barcode as a consignment note saving cost, hassle and time from re-doc. Functioning real time tracing and tracking that provides the latest update of your shipment. ensuring visibility and fast delivery with end-to-end tracking.

Bespoke White Glove Solutions: Customised solutions marked with special attention to details and premium care

We provide access for customers to print the consignment note from the comfort of their office without worrying about restocking the supplies

Our operation hub is secured by our 24-hours CCTV and alarm

Our fleet is equipped with telematics where apart from tracking the location of the vehicles it also provides information of the driving behavior and performance which will increase the efficiency of both the driver and vehicle. It also provides route optimization for the delivery of the day based on the addresses