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Planned to focus on the core business and assign or outsource E-Fulfilment and Warehousing in driving the optimum throughput? There’s no better partner, but in “PREFERRED” with an extensive range of support facilities, safe and peaceful surroundings and excellent service combination of last mile delivery to drive your business to the next level.

Special E-fulfilment & Warehousing Package for Domestic and International SME & SMI

Each Package inclusive of :-

  • Storage of up to 5 pallets or CBM. (Additional pallet RM 35.00)
  • Handling In & Out up to 5 pallets (Additional pallet RM 8.00 if any)
  • Stuffing & unstuffing Up to 5 pallets (Additional pallet RM18.00 if any)
  • Picking and Packing Up to 20 orders per day (Additional order RM1.80 and

    additional SKU RM0.80 if any)

  • Sorting / Repalletizing Up to 5 pallets.
  • Labelling up to 150 pcs (Additional labelling RM0.10 per pcs)
  • Printing of D/O up to 20 copies (Additional copy RM2.00).
  • In addition, we’ll give you the preferential last mile delivery rates and tracking

    and tracing access.

  • Operating hour: Monday to Saturday (Half day).