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Preferred Airsea Logistics Sdn Bhd

About Us

Preferred Airsea Logistics Sdn Bhd (PREFERRED) was established in 2003 focussing on air and sea freight services between Peninsular and East Malaysia. It provided various industries with flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

2021 is the beginning of a new chapter for PREFERRED. In a digital world being dynamic is not an option. We must move forward and be as innovative as a start-up. On top of its existing freight services PREFERRED will add last mile delivery, warehousing and e-fulfilment to provide a wide range of solutions to your business needs while adopting IT to enhance its execution.

The logo resembles the letter P for PREFERRED and also symbolises the need to move forward. It also reminds us of a Boomerang where what goes around does come around. We believe that when we commit to you, our partners, in offering innovative solutions to help you gain a competitive edge and grow your business so would we. We too will grow with you.

Our new team is led by experienced, passionate and committed leaders who strive to simplify logistics and constantly challenge what is possible. Turning their know how, along with an aggressive, progressive and dynamic into tailor-made solutions for you to optimise and improve your logistics needs, to ensure you have a competitive advantage.

With the principle of continuous improvement engraved in our quality policy, we are on a constant quest for improvement and optimization, we will continue to drive improvements from bottom-up.

Every industry has its own logistics needs and PREFERRED has the expertise and commitment required to provide business solutions for e-commerce companies, SMEs, SMIs, and MNC Companies by offering services from warehousing to delivery with sophisticated API integration. Functioning real time tracing and tracking that provides the latest update of your shipment. ensuring visibility and fast delivery with end-to-end tracking.

Our tagline, “Your PREFERRED Logistics Experience” challenges us to provide an excellent cumulative impact of your experience with us in order to make PREFERRED your preferred logistics choice.